Getting your Commercial Pilot Licence is one thing, but improving your employability is another. Let us help you!

The Diploma of Aviation – Commercial Pilot Licence Aeroplane (AVI50215) Student Scholarship

This Scholarship offers eligible students the opportunity to complete 33 hours from their Commercial Pilot Licence course cluster, in a multi-engine aircraft.

Scholarship students will graduate with a Diploma of Aviation – Commercial Pilot Licence Aeroplane (AVI50215) with a Multi-engine Endorsement.

Attaining a Multi-engine Endorsement may provide recognition of prior leaning towards cluster one of your Multi-engine component of the Diploma of Aviation – Instrument Rating (AVI50415), which will fast-track your studies by approximately 8 weeks.

Break down of Scholarship

Find out if you are eligible, what you’ll be flying below and documentation required.

Selection Criteria
    1. You must be a resident of Victoria and a domestic student of Soar Aviation and Box Hill Institute enrolled into the CPL component of the Diploma of Aviation (AVI50215)
    2. You have passed at least 3 Commercial Pilot Licence examinations
    3. Have a minimum of 50 hours as Pilot In Command
    4. Successfully completed a Private Pilot Licence or Navigation Endorsement
    5. You have received a letter of support from your Course Coordinator

    The successful scholarship recipient will be reviewed based on meeting the above requirement criteria.

    Additionally, your Course Coordinator will provide a letter of support and grade you on the below criteria:

    • Professionalism
    • Behaviour
    • Participation
    • Communication and
    • Ambassador

    To see more about the grading matrix in the attached Student Scholarship Policy.

Aircraft you'll fly


During your studies in the AVI50416 Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating) you will fly the Tecnam P2006T.

The Tecnam P2006T is an Italian high-winged, twin-engined all-metal aircraft built by Construzioni Aeronautiche Tecnam based in Capua, Italy. The Twin’s high-spec avionics and excellent visibility, have helped establish it as the aircraft of choice for high quality flight training.


  • Fully retractable landing gear
  • Twin liquid-cooled Rotax engines
  • Four-seat aircraft
  • Superior high-wing configuration offering stability and superior cabin visibility
  • Integral fuel tanks hold 100 litres each


  • Upholstered seats with headrests and vertical adjustment
  • Ventilation system features one vent outlet per occupant
  • Heating system uniformly warms cabin and windshield from fogging up
Submitting Application

All applications must be submitted to:

Scholarship Explained

Perks & Benefits

How this Scholarship will help you in your career.


Aviation is expensive there’s no doubt about it but Soar Aviation understands this, these scholarships can take away some financial burden associated with getting your pilots licence. Allowing you more time to focus on your studies.


By obtaining further endorsements this can make your resume more attractive when applying for jobs. It also gives you more experience and PIC hours. Remember: Extra skills never hurt anyone!

Employment Pathways

After completing the endorsement of your choice Soar Aviation has created employment pathways to help you land your first gig. Whether it be joining the Soar Aviation team or taking your career up to the Northern Territory, our scholarships lay a great foundation for rookie pilots.