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Recreational Pilot Licence


Course Structure and Overview

Recreational Pilot Certificate

A Recreational Pilots Licence – Pilot Certificate (RA-Aus) is the ideal starting point for pilot training. Completing the initial stage of flight training in a Light Sports Aircraft (LSA) is the most efficient and cost-effective route for learning to fly in Melbourne or Sydney.
The new legislation brought in with Part 61, recognises Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC) as the equivalent to a Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL). The hours in a light sports aircraft count directly towards a Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) which puts Soar Aviation in a very unique position with the largest fleet of light sports aircraft in both Moorabbin Airport, Melbourne and Bankstown Airport, Sydney.

Step One | Obtain the Following

  • Australian Security Identification Card (ASIC).
  • Class 2 Medical – you will need to obtain this from an authorised Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME).
    RA-Aus Membership (3 or 12 months).

    •  All Instructors and Students wishing to undertake training on any Recreational Aviation registered Aircraft will need to be a current RA-Aus Member. However, if you choose to fly General Aviation (GA) registered aircraft, this is not necessary.
  • English Language Proficiency Check & Assessment. All students, regardless of their background, will need to complete this to prove their competency in the standard Aviation language – English.


Step Two | Flight Training towards your Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL)

Students will generally need to complete between 20-30 hours of flight training on one of our either RA or VH registered aircraft to achieve their Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL). Starting from scratch, you will receive both group and one on one tuition to help build your knowledge of how to fly an aircraft, from effects of control, climbing and descending to completing your First Solo Flight!
You will be required to complete a minimum 25 hours flight training as per CASA regulations, with 5 of these being supervised solo flights. Once your Instructor is confident in your ability you will need to demonstrate all that you have learnt in a flight test with a CASA approved Testing Officer, to earn your Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL).
Full time | 3 Months
Part-time | 6 Months or flexible as required *Students are recommended to fly at least once a week, to avoid remedial training.


Step Three | Theory

Private Students are to study the associated content in their own time at home. One on one tutoring classes can be arranged with your flight instructor if preferred.

 You must complete a combination of practical flight training and pass exams to be able to hold your RPL.

How do I start?

Start your journey to your Recreational Pilot Licence with one of our Introductory packages. We have 30 minutes, 45 minute and 60-minute trial flights but the best place to start would be our Learn to Fly Starter Package where you get three hours flying for $899.00 AUD.

These three lessons can even count towards your PPL as we give you your very own Piltos Logbook as part of the package.

View our Introductory packages. 






$199.00 AUD $289.00 AUD


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$279.00 AUD $369.00 AUD


$279.00 AUD $369.00 AUD

All prices are inclusive of GST.

Happy Students!

Student Feedback

Great place to learn to fly… I am blessed to know and learn with so many like-minded people. And the Instructors are strict but fun … makes learning to fly an absolute joy.

David Schirmer

Current Student

The atmosphere at Soar is positive, focused, encouraging yet relaxed and smooth. With flexible timetables for classes and adaptable schedules for flight time; it’s a no-brainer to pick who I’d recommend everyone to fly with.

Nicky Wang

Current Student