The Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating) AVI50415 will teach students teaches students to fly virtually anywhere in any condition by relying on flight instruments.

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Course Structure and Overview

The Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating) AVI50415 is ideal for Students who wish to improve their employability by having a multi-engine command instrument rating.

Upon completion, Students will be recognised as being able to operate multi-engine fixed-wing aeroplanes and have the ability to fly aircraft solely with reference to Instruments in various weather conditions.

During this course, you’ll learn theory in the classroom in preparation for the Instrument Rating Exam (IREX). Then you’ll gain skills during intensive simulator training, a multi-engine endorsement and dual navigation exercises. As part of this course, you’ll receive quality IFR training and attain a Multi-Engine Command Instrument Rating (MECIR) as well as the Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Flight Operations).

The Multi-Engine Command Instrument Rating (MECIR) course is intended primarily for people who already hold a Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) and have a minimum of 50 hours’ cross country command time and 10 hours’ night flying time (including 5 hours as pilot in command at night).

Students undertaking this course will be enrolled at Box Hill Institute (BHI). Soar Advanced Flight Training is contracted by BHI to deliver the training and assessment on BHI’s behalf. Upon successful completion, you will receive certification from Box Hill Institute.

Box Hill Institute RTO Code: 4687 CRICOS Number: 02411J


Course Units

Instrument Rating Units


  • AVIF007 Implement Threat and Error Management Strategies (17 hours)
  • AVIF0008 Manage Safe Flight Operations (23 hours)
  • AVIH0005 Plan a Flight Under Instrument Flight Rules (33 hours)
  • AVIH5017 Navigate Aircraft under Instrument Flight Rules (60 hours)
  • AVIW5018 Operate and Manage Aircraft Systems (33 hours)
  • AVIY0001 Operate Aircraft using Aircraft Flight Instruments (60 hours)
  • AVIY0013 Conduct a 2D Instrument Approach (14 hours)
  • AVIY0022 Perform Instrument Arrival and Standard Arrival Route Procedures (23 hours)
  • AVIY5023 Operate a Multi-engine Aeroplane (130 hours)
  • AVIY5024 Operate Aircraft in the Traffic pattern at Night (14 hours)
  • AVIY5028 Perform Published instrument departure procedures (14 hours)
  • AVIY5027 Perform Non Published instrument departure procedures (14 hours)
  • AVIY5033 Perform Visual Circling Approach (6 hours)
  • AVIY5036 Conduct a 3D Instrument Landing System Instrument Approach (14 hours)


Course Cost

$37,999.00 AUD.

Funding Options available through Box Hill Institute

The student tuition & material fees are published are subject to change given the individual circumstances at enrolment, fees listed are for 2018.


VET Student Loan

For more information on VET Student Loans and eligibility requirements, visit Box Hill Institute’s website – Financial Support for Students.

Entry Requirements

You will need:

  • a Current CASA Private Pilot Licence or CASA Commercial Pilot Licence, and 50 Pilot in Command Navigational hours
  • Current Class One Medical
  • Current ASIC

Pre-training Review:

To assist prospective students to determine whether a course is suitable and appropriate for the individual needs the Institute and CAE will assess all students’ language, literacy and numeracy and digital literacy by asking you to undertake a self-assessment review prior to the enrolment.

Career Outcomes

  • Charter Pilot
  • Flight Instruction
  • Agricultural operations
  • Airline
  • Search and Rescue
  • Fire Spotting
  • Aerial Survey
  • Air Ambulance
  • Joy Flights
  • Emergency Services
  • Freight Operation 

Happy Students!

Student Feedback

Anyone that wants to improve their flying skills and expand their knowledge than the instrument rating with SOAR AVIATION is the course for you!

Being able to soar through clouds for the first time in a twin is an amazing experience I will never forget.

Since graduating from the course I know I now have skills required to get me one step closer to that airline job everyone dreams of.

Kosta Moutoulis


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