Commercial Pilot Licence


The Diploma of Aviation – Commercial Pilot Licence – Aeroplane (AVI50215) is ideal for students wishing to pursue a career in the Aviation industry. Our experienced and professional  Flight Instructors will guide you through an intensive course of both theory and practical flight training.


Full-time course intakes

Sydney and Melbourne (concurrent)
March 4th
August 5th


Theory and Practical go hand in hand

Recreational Pilot Certificate

34.5 Hours Dual

5.0 Hours Solo

Total allocated flight hours 39.5

Navigation Endorsement

27.5 Hours Dual

5.0 Hours Solo

Total allocated flight hours 32.5

Commercial Pilot Licence

38 Hours Dual

90 Hours Solo

Total allocated flight hours 128


Course Structure and Overview

The Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence – Aeroplane AVI50215) is ideal for students wishing to pursue a career within the Aviation industry. Our experienced and professional  Flight Instructors will guide you through an intensive course of both theory and practical flight training.

No previous flying experience is required.

Our curriculum is developed in line with the stringent regulatory standards of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

Within two years you will have completed the training of Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC), Navigational Endorsement and Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) and be ready to embark on your career in aviation. 

When you begin your Diploma with us, you will be enrolled as a student at Box Hill Institute (BHI).

Soar Aviation is contracted by BHI to deliver the practical component of the Diploma. Upon completion, you will receive your Diploma from Boxhill Institute.


Box Hill Institute RTO Code: 4687 CRICOS Number: 02411J. SAFT RTO Code: 22488, CRICOS Number: 03291D


Course Units

RPC Cluster Units

Recreational Pilot Licence

  • AVIE4001 Maintain Aircraft Radio Communications (12 hours)
  • AVIY0002 Operate in Controlled Airspace (28 hours)
  • AVI0003 Operate in Class G Airspace (38 hours)
  • AVIY0019 Manage abnormal aeroplane flight situations (38 hours)
  • AVIY0018 Execute advanced aeroplane maneuvers and procedures (54 hours)
  • AVIY4001 Control Aeroplane on the ground (12 hours)
  • AVIY4002 Take off Aeroplane (17hours)
  • AVIY4003 Control aeroplane in normal flight (45 hours)
  • AVIY4004 Land Aeroplane (28 hours)
  • AVIW4001 Manage pre and post-flight actions (28 hours)
Navigation Cluster Units

Navigational Cluster

  • AVIZ4001 Manage situational awareness in aircraft flight (32 hours)
  • AVIY0004 Operate at non-towered aerodromes (32 hours)
  • AVIY0005 Operate at a controlled aerodrome (32 hours)
  • AVIH0002 Plan a flight under visual flight rules (16 hours)
  • AVIH4001 Navigate aircraft under visual flight rules (125 hours)
  • AVIF0004 Implement Aviation Risk management processes (40 hours)
  • AVIF0007 Implement threat and error management strategies (21 hours)
Commercial Pilot Licence Cluster Units

Commercial Pilot Licence Cluster

  • AVIF0005 Implement Aviation Fatigue Risk Management (50 hours)
  • AVIF0008 Manage safe flight operations (36 hours)
  • AVIF0011 Manage aircraft passengers and cargo (50 hours)
  • AVIF0014 Manage human factors in Aviation operations (25 hours)
  • AVILIC001 License to operate a commercial aeroplane (0 hours)
  • AVIO0002 Manage disruptive behaviour and unlawful interference with aviation (25 hours)
  • AVIW5018 Operate and manage aircraft systems (50 hours)
  • AVIY0001 Operate aircraft using aircraft flight instruments (86 hours)
  • AVIY0008 Apply aeronautical knowledge to aviation operations (18 hours)
  • AVIY0009 Apply the principles of civil air law to aviation operations (18 hours)
  • AVIY4007 Manage aircraft fuel (25 hours)
  • AVIY5024 Operate aircraft in the traffic pattern at night (25 hours)

Upon graduation, International students also have the option of obtaining their Multi-engine Command Instrument Rating. Read more through the button below.


Fees & Financial Support


Tuition Fee Type Estimated Annual Fee
International Fee $96,705.00
Service Fees Estimated Annual Fees
RA Aus Membership $245
Aviation Security ID (ASIC) $260
Enrolment Fee & LLN Test* $220
CASA Class 1 Medical Test from $200
Annual Material Fees No materials fee applies
Retain Course Items*** No materials fee applies

The student tuition & material fees are published are subject to change given the individual circumstances at enrolment, fees listed are for 2019. For more information on fees please see the Box Hill Institute website.

Course Duration

14 months Full-Time


Students are expected to attend at least 80% of their theory classes.

Students are expected to schedule flights 3 times a week for course progression.


The course includes 200 hours of flying*, textbooks, pilot logbook, uniform, first attempt at exams, navigation equipment and charts.

Upon successful completion, Students will graduate holding their RPC**, RPC + Nav Endorsement, CPL and Diploma of Aviation.

*Please be aware that if a student goes over the 200 hours of allocated flying hours additional hours would become an out of pocket expense. 

**RPC is equivalent to CASA issued Recreational Pilot Licence

Happy Students!

Student Feedback

Signing up to begin my pilot’s career and obtaining my Commercial Pilot Licence through Soar Aviation has been the greatest decision I have made. Soar Aviation have been great, helping me through the enrolment stage, answering all my questions and taking me on a tour of the flight school prior to beginning the course. Since beginning the course, Soar has made me completely comfortable in this massive milestone I have begun which is a major help. 

Mark Somen

Current Student

The instructors are friendly and patient and will take time to sit down with you for your post-flight briefing and discuss any questions you may have about each flight experience. Our theory classes are fun and interactive and give us all the knowledge required for safe flying. The aircraft are well maintained and clean to make your flight experience more enjoyable. I look forward to completing my Commercial Pilots Licence here!

Charmaine Lett

Current Student

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