Flight Instructor Rating

The AVI50516 Diploma of Aviation (Flight Instructor Rating) is ideal for students looking to sharpen their flying skills while sharing their passion for flying.


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Course Structure and Overview

The Diploma of Aviation (Flight Instructor) AVI50516 is a 16 week course and the only one of its kind to offer dual qualifications as both a CASA Grade 3 Flight Instructor and a Recreational Aviation Australia (RA-AUS) Flight Instructor, rapidly boosting your career prospects and opportunities.

An instructor rating sharpens flying skills and enhances discipline, accuracy and proficiency. Becoming a Flight Instructor is one of the best ways to continue gaining flying hours required by airline recruiters, whilst sharing your aviation knowledge with young and ambitious students.

*100 Paid Work Experience will be given to eligible students who successfully complete the Diploma of Aviation (Flight Instructor) AVI50516. Further employment extending the 100 hours may be offered at the discretion of Soar Aviation.

Students undertaking this course will be enrolled at Box Hill Institute (BHI). Soar Advanced Flight Training is contracted by BHI to deliver the training and assessment on BHI’s behalf.

Upon successful completion, you will receive certification from Box Hill Institute. This course is available to eligible students with funds made by the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments. 

Box Hill Institute RTO Code: 4687 CRICOS Number: 02411J

What you'll be studying

Course Units

Flight Instructor Rating units


  • TAELLN411 Address Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills (30 hours)
  • AVIF0004 Implement Aviation Risk Management Processes (50 hours)
  • AVIF0005 Implement Aviation Fatigue Risk Management Processes (40 hours)
  • AVIM5002 Conduct Aeronautical Knowledge Training (60 hours)
  • AVIM5002 Conduct Aeronautical Knowledge Training (60 hours)
  • AVIM5003 Conduct Flight Training (60 hours)
  • AVIM5008 Conduct Flight Review (20 hours)
  • TAEASS401B Plan Assessment Activities and Processes (20 hours)
  • TAEASS402B Assess Competence (15 hours)
  • TAEASS403B Participate in Assessment Validation (20 hours)
  • TAEDEL401A Plan, Organise and Deliver group-based learning (30 hours)
  • TAEDEL402A Plan, Organise and Facilitate Learning in the workplace (25 hours)
  • TAEDES401A Design and Develop learning programs (50 hours)
  • TAEDES402A Use Training Packages and accredited courses to meet client needs (25 hours)
  • TAEASS301 Contribute to Assessment (10 hours)
  • TAEASS502 Design and Develop Assessment Tools (40 hours)
  • TAEDEL301 Provide work Skill Instructor (40 hours)


Course Cost

$30,499.00 AUD.

Funding Options available through Box Hill Institute

The student tuition & material fees are published are subject to change given the individual circumstances at enrolment, fees listed are for 2018.

VET Student Loan

For more information on VET Student Loans and eligibility requirements, visit Box Hill Institute’s website – Financial Support for Students.

Entry Requirements

You must:
  • Hold a current Class One Medical
  • Hold a current ASIC
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Hold a current Australian Commercial Pilot Licence

Pre-training Review:

To assist prospective students to determine whether a course is suitable and appropriate for the individual needs the Institute and CAE will assess all students’ language, literacy and numeracy and digital literacy by asking you to undertake a self-assessment review prior to the enrolment.

Career Outcomes

As a qualified Flight Instructor, you will be able to:
  • Conduct Flight training for pilot licences
  • ratings (except for flight examiner ratings)
  • endorsements (except for flight examiner endorsements)
  • grant design feature and flight activity endorsements to pilot licence holders
  • conduct different training for various types of aircraft
  • conduct training for general pilot competency
  • conduct flight reviews
  • approve someone to fly solo
  • approve someone to fly an aircraft while receiving flight training for a pilot licence, rating or endorsement.

Happy Students!

Student Feedback

SOAR’s Instructor training program was a huge benefit to my career. The people I trained and work with all have similar aviation goals which made it easier and after the course was finished, I managed to rock up over 70 hours instructor time within the first month!

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to get experience quicker than anywhere else.

Kieren Struck


Instructor rating at soar aviation got me back to flying after 2 years of break. Professional senior instructors trained me to become a mature, responsible pilot and a person.

Danny Oh


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