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Frequently Asked Questions



Are there any age restrictions?

To begin flight training you must be at least 14 years old and cannot fly solo until you are 15 years old. On the opposite end of the spectrum there is no age limit for flight training. The only requirement is that you are fit and healthy enough to pass an aviation medical before your first solo flight. Please be aware that some airlines may hold age restrictions as part of their Recruitment process.

Can anyone become a pilot?

To hold a pilots licence you will not only need to be pass the necessary theory exams and flight tests but you will also need to hold a medical. Depending on the licence/goal you are looking to obtain you will either need to hold a Class One Medical (Commercial Pilot able to carry passengers) or a Class Two Medical (suitable for RPC, RPL and PPL, CPL (with no passengers)).

How do I know if I'm eligible for the VET Student Loan?

To find out if you are eligible for the VET student loan, please see our partners at Box Hill Institute for more information.

Is there a weight restriction?

For the Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) that we fly, we ask that pilots have a max weight of 110kgs.

How can I contact Box Hill Institute?

You can contact Box Hill Institute through this link to submit a web enquiry. 

Or alternatively you can give them a call on 1300 269 445.



How do I organise my Medical?

The steps below will outline the process of booking your Medical. Please be aware that this process is cost dependant to the individual depending on your health/ medical history.

The medical is completed by a CASA Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME), and can be booked in after providing an application to CASA:

  1. After you have received your ARN, log onto and update your details on

CASA Self Service

  1. Log on to CASA Medical Record System (MRS) and apply for medical certificate
  2. Pay the online CASA Fee
  3. Find and book in with a DAME in your area.
  4. Attend the medical examination.

The DAME will complete the assessment and submit the results to CASA for review. Please note that it can take several weeks for CASA to process and approve the Class 1 Medical, therefore it is best to get this underway so there is no paperwork preventing you from progressing through the flight training.

How do I start?

Give us a call on 1300 11 76 27 or email with your name, contact number and preferred flight training location and we will get in touch with you to discuss your options.

Otherwise submit your query through the contact form above and we will be sure to get in touch!

I already have my pilots licence, can I get credit for prior learning?

Credit for prior learning is assessed on a case by case bases and can take some time. Factors taken into consideration include flight hours, competencies, licences/ endorsements and also theory components successfully completed.

If you already hold a licence, feel free to get in touch and we can chat you through your potential options.

Flight Training


What is the difference between Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC) and Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL)?

RPL is also known as a Recreational Pilot’s licence which is a new license instated by CASA as of 1st September. If a student chooses to commence his/her training under the RPL syllabus he needs to undertake the entire training in a conventional VH registered aircraft.

At Soar Aviation, we can offer an RPC (Recreational Pilot Certificate) which is equivalent to an RPL and you can undertake training in a more cost effective Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) i.e Jabiru or a Foxbat. Once issued the RPC the student can recognise the credits and apply to CASA for the issuance of an RPL by simply filling a form and conducting a flight review on a aircraft of his/her liking.

Who is CASA?

Civil Aviation Safety Authority or CASA is the Aviation governing body that is responsible for establishing and monitoring of regulations in Civil Aviation. All aircrafts under CASA must be VH registered.

VH = the globally recognised call sign for CASA regulated Aircrafts in Australia.

Who is RA-AUS?

Recreational Aviation Australia (RA-AUS) is the governing Aviation body for Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). As Soar Aviation uses a combination of LSA and VH aircraft we must follow and comply with both governing bodies.

What if I can't make it to every class?

If you are unable to make it to classes it is best to let your theory instructor know as soon as possible so they can make alternative arrangements for you so you can catch up on content you have missed. It is expected that students attend at least 80% of theory classes.

I'm an International Student, can I do this course?

International Students are welcomed to do our Full-Time Diploma of Aviation, unfortunately due to certain coding requirements the Part-time option is not available to International Students. 

If you would like to find out more about studying with Soar Aviation as an International Student you can contact the International Recruitment team at Box Hill Institute. Click here to be directed to their contact details. 

What payment options are available?

Through our partnership with Box Hill Institute, our Diploma of Aviation is lucky enough to be able to offer the VET Student loan to eligible students. To find out if you are eligible for the loan we advise getting in touch with, Box Hill Institute Financial Support for Students or the VET Student Loan Department directly.

This link will take you to the VET Student Loan site. 

How do I get a job in the airlines?

Recruitment for Airlines will be dependant on the particular Airline you are applying for. However, as a minimum requirement most airlines will look for:

  • Hold a current Commercial Pilot Licence
  • Hold a current Class One medical
  • Hold an Australian Instrument Rating
  • Minimum 250 hours Pilot In Command
  • Current Passport
  • Drug and Alcohol testing
  • Hold Air Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL)

Please be aware that not only must you meet their requirements you must also fit their corporate culture.

Check out an Airline you are interested in working for, they post their requirements publicly to give you an idea. For example here’s the requirements at Virgin Australia.

For Rookie pilots, looking to start their career, websites like flightdeckfriend and AFAP post job opportunities regularly.

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