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Image of Moorabbin Airport (Melbourne Campus)

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When Soar Aviation and Award winning Box Hill Institute joined forces in 2016 you wouldn’t have guessed that we’d become Australia’s largest Flight School in a couple of years.

Innovative, Sustainable, Dedication. Passion. Just a few words to describe the Soar Aviation philosophy.

Melbourne Flight Training

Located South- East of the Melbourne CBD, Moorabbin Airport is a controlled Airspace (Class D). Moorabbin is also listed as Australia’s second busiest Airport! This allows students to have a fantastic foundation to their flight training by practising radio calls and their situational awareness since their first flight.

Students undertaking Diploma studies in Melbourne will undertake the theory component at Box Hill Institute Elgar Road, Campus.

Moorabbin Airport is also accessible by Public Transport as it is located 5 minutes from DFO.

Address: 19 Second Ave, Moorabbin Airport 3194

Soar Aviation Melbourne

Bendigo Flight Training

In late 2017 Soar Aviation also developed a base out of Bendigo Airport. The Bendigo facility is ideal for students located regionally who wish to commence their flight training. Bendigo is also somewhat more immune to the Melbourne weather making it a perfect training ground for students to catch-up on their flight training in the colder months.

Students undertaking Diploma studies in Melbourne will undertake the theory component at Box Hill Institute Elgar Road, Campus.

Address: 4 Victa Road, Bendigo Airport 3550

Soar Aviation Bendigo

Sydney Flight Training

Located around 22km from Sydney’s CBD, Bankstown Airport is convenient to get to by public transport and car as it is close to the main motorway in Sydney.

Not only a great training facility but also home to a wealth of history. Bankstown Aerodrome also served as a strategic base during the second world war where it was disguised as farmland with fake horses and hangers disguised as barns to confuse the enemy.

Students undertaking Diploma studies in Sydney will undertake the theory and flying components at Soar Aviation, Bankstown Airport

Address: 4 Rearwin Place, Bankstown Airport 2200

Soar Aviation Bankstown

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Student Services

Box Hill Institute has an array of services available to students. From those experiencing financial hardship to those looking for Student Accommodation*. They have a dedicated team of professionals ready and waiting to help our students whatever the case may be.

*Accommodation available for Melbourne Students only.