Why Do Pilots Get Paid So Much?

At a glance, a pilot’s job looks very easy.

You get into the cockpit, greet the passengers as they board your aircraft. Then you take-off, engage the autopilot and snooze off for a bit. When you are about to land in your destination, you announce what is the weather like on the ground. As passengers disembark from the aircraft, you tell them to have a nice day and that is it. Your day is over and you’re free to roam the streets of the city you just landed in.

That does indeed sound like a job that everyone could potentially do. In addition to having a job that is very easy, airlines also pay pilots a big sum of money.

However, is it really that easy like it sounds on paper? Might there be actually legitimate reasons why do airlines pay pilots one of the biggest wages out there?

There are reasons. Quite a few actually. Click here to find out the top 10 reasons.