Training for your Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) is no simple task, and even passing the course entry requirements can be a challenge. One of these challenges is an Aviation Aptitude Test called COMPASS.

A COMPASS test is a series of six computer-based tests which have been specifically developed for the aviation industry to assess key areas of suitability for becoming a commercial airline pilot.

The six individual tests are:

Control: A compensation task looking at basic hand/foot/eye co-ordination.
Slalom: A tracking task looking at hand/eye co-ordination.
Memory: Accuracy of short-term memory recall and the ability to ‘chunk’ information.
Mathematics: A test of basic applied mathematical understanding and speed.
Orientation: Instrument interpretation, comprehension & spatial orientation.
Task Manager: A test of the candidate’s ability to scan the screen and manage two concurrent tasks accurately and quickly.

The COMPASS test is compliant with the standards used by all flight schools and major airlines during pre-hiring screening and provides the testing platform that you can expect to take when applying for a job in aviation. Actual flying experience is not required to perform well in the tests and potential students can expect to complete the test in approx. 90 minutes.

Please note that within the overall test, there are timed sections i.e. hand/eye coordination test.

Find out more about COMPASS here.