Being a pilot has its perks and while there are countless benefits, we’ve selected the advantages making our top 5 list!

1. You get paid to do what you love

What could possibly be better than a career that fulfils all your goals? Going to work looking forward to the day ahead is something many people wish they felt.

2. Pilots travel for free

Most people dream of a job where they get to travel the world and enjoy new cultures and experiences. Pilots get just that, jetting off to different destinations daily!

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3. Travel passes for family and friends

What’s better than travelling for free? Doing it with friends and family! This perk means that if you’re a family member or friend of a pilot, you get the opportunity to see the world for nothing too.

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4. Kids look at you in awe

Is there a better feeling than seeing a child look up to you? It’s an amazing feeling knowing that what you do, inspires young future pilots to take to the skies. It’s not just children pilots inspire though, people of all ages admire and respect the hard work and experience, pilots put in to fly a plane.

5. The views

The view of the world from up in the sky is breathtaking. Most people’s office jobs offer them views of the white wall in front of them, or a window looking out at the parking lot…if they’re lucky. As a pilot, you get to see the world from a different angle and literally experience nature from a viewpoint most people never will.

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