Ah, the trusty flight jacket. Style staple for pilots, pilot impersonators and those who dream of flying, the flight jacket will take you from cockpit to cocktails as smoothly as a Foxbat gliding over…Ok, we’ll stop. You get the point, they’re seriously cool. Here are our Top 5 picks for best flight jacket!

1. Country Road Flight Jacket, $179.00

[Featured image source: countryroad.com.au]

This flight jacket has taken it’s inspiration from the classic 1950s MA-1 jacket. With a washed back appearance, the jacket truly gives you that ‘lived-in feel’. Featuring a spacious body and sleeve with ribbed-knit trims which are contrasted, the look is classic and spacious.

2. Alpha Industries MA-1 Iridium Bomber Jacket, $286.59

[Featured image source: asos.com]

Aside from the fact they spelt ‘Alpha’ wrong (we all know our Pilot Alphabet, don’t we?), this super fly jacket proves that this look isn’t for guys only. Variations of this jacket also come in khaki and camouflage, giving you tons of options for sky-high style.

3. SDR Lite Flight Bomber Jacket, $229.95

[Featured image source: theiconic.com.au]

With two front pockets, an arm pocket and a secret inner pocket, this classic style bomber jacket is a case of classic-meets-modern. The jacket fastens with a zip and is finished with a Superdry International logo badge on the sleeve and an embroidered Superdry logo on the shoulder.

4. Oversized Cali Cord Borg Jacket Dirt Road, $139.95

[Featured image source: generalpants.com.au/]

This 70’s inspired oversized cali cord jacket will have you lost in time. With full faux shearing lining you’ll stay snug on all your flights. Team this jacket up with some aviators and you’ll be ready to step out as a pilot.

5. Soar Aviation Bomber Jacket, $98.95

The staple of Australian aviation is here! This flight jacket keeps you warm on cold days and cool on warm ones. The dark blue sleek jacket with pockets makes classic aviation fashion, modern again. You can get yourself one of these trusty jackets next time you’re in and can see all our students and Flight Instructors rocking the Top Gun look!

So, ladies and gents; start the ignition, roar the propellers, and fly, don’t walk……ok. We’ll stop. Seriously this time.

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