It’s no secret in the aviation industry that pilots are in short supply. It has been predicted that by 2034 the world will experience a shortage of over half a million pilots. According to the Asia-Pacific region alone, another 245,000 pilots will be needed, and that is only 17 years away.

Here at SAFT, we know how integral pilots are to a population that is more than ever global, mobile and full of wanderlust. We also know the difficulties that can be associated with becoming a pilot, and believe that a flexible, accessible training program will go a long way to making your dreams of being a pilot come true.

This week, SAFT and Box Hill Institute (BHI) have announced a new partnership which aims to improve the pilot shortage in the Northern Territory. Together with BHI, we have entered an employment pathway agreement with Katherine Aviation and AAA Charters which is expected to provide 25 qualified pilots to the region each year. For students currently studying and wondering how and where they will land their first job in aviation, this is a fantastic opportunity that is unprecedented.

Pilots are required to complete several years of study and training before going on to be employed as an airline pilot. Being part-time and funded by the VET Student Loan scheme, our Commercial Pilot Licence and Flight Instructor Rating courses are attainable for those working full-time to support themselves, and others who are looking for a change to a more inspiring, dynamic career.

If you’ve ever thought a career in aviation might be for you, now is the time to take advantage of the study options on offer through SAFT.