Vocational education is becoming more popular and seen as the “career driven alternatives”.


The Knowledge Review has selected Soar Aviation as one of the top ten best vocational education and training institutes in Australia. The Knowledge Review is an international education magazine focusing on offering information for universities, students, teachers and parents.


Recently showcased some of the best vocational institutes who are becoming “favourites among students for pursuing vocational courses”, Soar Aviation has been selected as one of the ten best institutes due to the exceptional courses on offer, exceptional company growth since 2011, and its aspiring career pilots who are passionate about flying.


Not only is Soar Aviation recognised by visionary CEO in the aviation field, but the award-winning flight school has a milestone partnership with award-winning TAFE Box Hill Institute. Being recognised for its ‘Student Success’ scholarship program to enhance employability and skills are just one of many successes of Soar Aviation.


Furthermore, The Knowledge Review voted Soar Aviation because it provides outstanding “career development” and creates great career opportunities for its students. The Knowledge Review also acknowledges that Soar Aviation makes flight training “more accessible” in a “superior learning environment” and is a “great asset to the economy”.


Read the full article at: https://theknowledgereview.com/soar-aviation-forerunner-aviation-training-services/