We’re excited to announce that the Diploma of Aviation – Commercial Pilot Licence, is launching in Sydney, this August! We’ve been working behind the scenes, in partnership with Box Hill Institute to offer Sydney’s first part time Commercial Pilot Licence course. For all of you wanting to kick start your career into Aviation, step one starts here.

Operating out of Bankstown Aerodrome, the two year part time course will allow students to achieve their dream of gaining a Commercial Pilot’s Licence whilst working full time.

The new course is set to help address global pilot shortage facing the industry as well as provide accessible and affordable flight training to those with a passion for aviation.

How much will the course cost?

The course cost is approximately $74,975 with VET Student Loans available for eligible students to the sum of $75,000.

Which aircraft will I fly?

Students will fly in that Aquila A210, a modern aircraft known for its low fuel consumption, high performance record, and high cruising speed.

The Aquila A210 is equipped with two side-by-side seats, low wings and a cruciform tail. The cockpit enclosed cockpit is spacious and allows for excellent all-round vision.

What happens when I complete the course?

Upon completion of the course, students will graduate with:

  • Recreational Pilot License
  • Private Pilot License
  • Commercial Pilot License

From there, students can find employment in a variety of aviation jobs from a charter pilot to a commercial pilot with relevant flying hours gained. Most students choose to complete their Diploma of Aviation – Flight Instructor and work as a flight instructor or complete their Diploma of Aviation – Instrument Rating to further increase their employability prospects.

Can I meet the team and the fleet?

It’s important to get to know your flight school and ensure all your questions are answered and all your requirements are met. Soar Aviation regularly holds information days where you can come and meet the instructors and fleet, and learn more about the course syllabus and financing options available.

Find out more on when the next information day will be held here!

So, Ladies and Gentleman, please make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position and prepare for your aviation career to take off with the Diploma of Aviation – Commercial Pilot Licence!