It is no secret that the aviation industry is not something that can be paid for with the coins you find stuck between couch cushions, it’s expensive. But what are the other real costs of becoming a Pilot?


No matter how you choose to learn to fly, it’s very likely to mean a financial contribution. While learning to fly has, in previous years, been considered the domain of the elite, there are now various cost effective ways to earn your Pilot’s Licence and build up your hours. It’s important to take many things into consideration. What will get you to your goals in the fastest amount of time? What’s the cost of a degree compared to a Diploma of Aviation? Will you have to spend money on travel or accommodation to get to and from your flight school? What are the out of pocket costs?

Since every student is different, it’s best to contact our Aviation Course Advisory Team in order to work out the best way to get you to your career goals, in a way that’s right for you.


Father and son playing with cardboard toy airplane in the park at sunset.Studying can be hard, it may take long nights or more time away from your friends (or dog). Studying can be tough and not to mention stressful, especially around exam time. It’s important to realise that this stress is temporary and ultimately you’re on the path to doing something that you love. The hard work and effort you put in will make crossing that finish line so much sweeter.

Try and find ways to reward yourself, take some time to pat yourself on the back. Look in the mirror and tell yourself how awesome you are and if you need help – ask! Take advantage of the resources around you, whether it be your instructor, a parent, or your institute’s student support services.


Getting your Pilot’s License does require you to have a certain bill of health to make sure you don’t jeopardise your life or somebody else’s while you fly. Before completing your first solo flight, you are required to obtain a CASA Class 1 Medical Certificate. If you are concerned about whether you will be able to pass the medical, you can always obtain one before you start the course.

Remember if you can’t pass the Class 1 medical right away, it is possible to obtain a Class 2 and ask the examiner if there’s anything you can work on to get the Class 1. A CASA Class 1 Medical is necessary for you to gain your Commercial Pilot’s Licence. A Class 2 certificate is sufficient for getting your Recreational Pilot’s Licence or Private Pilot’s Licence.

There are many costs associated with getting to any dream career, whether it be putting yourself through years of study or building years of experience. Your future self is going to be so grateful to you, because your hard work will pay off and you will reap the rewards. So stick it out, enjoy the student discounts while they last, and you’ll get there before you know it.

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