Seeing a Hyundai or Toyota on the road is a daily occurrence, but it might not be long until we see them in the sky!

Hyundai has partnered with rideshare operator, Uber, to showcase an electric ‘flying taxi’ concept at the recent CES 2020 Consumer Electronics Show. Where Toyota has gone a step further and committed over $350m in the latest funding round by aerospace startup, Joby Aviation.

They aren’t alone either. Late last year, Porsche and Boeing collaborated on a ‘flying car’ concept, to test the viability of the market.

Whether these futuristic air travel solutions move from science-fiction to science-fact remains to be seen, but these automotive engineering heavyweights must see some value from the concept to warrant their involvement.

Will the 1960’s future dream of flying cars dotting the skies become a reality in the next few decades? Funding and support is a big step to a resounding maybe!