Getting your medical is essential for your flight training and can be a daunting process especially when going for your first one. Today we discuss what to expect and how you can go about organising your medical.
Your Class One Medical will be done by a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner or DAME for short and will determine the level of licence you will be able to obtain throughout your flight training.
The level of medicals are broken down into two stages; you’re Class One and your Class Two. To hold your Commercial Pilot Licence and carry passengers, you will need your Class One Medical.


1. Obtain an Aviation Reference Number or ARN. Your ARN identifies your records as a pilot, it’s a free application and is sent to you automatically after submitting the form.
2. Log on to CASA Medical Record System (MRS) and apply for a certificate. This step does involve paying a fee to CASA of $75 (note this may change and is subject to a decision made by CASA).
During this application, CASA will ask questions such as your medical history and also previous doctors you have seen. So it’s best to have their details handy (contact number, address etc.).
Once you submit the application, you will automatically come back to you with particular tests that you need to undergo by a CASA certified specialist.
3.  Involves finding a CASA certified specialist, you can find speacialists on their website. Once you’ve found one that you’re happy with, book in for your appointment.
4. Attend the appointment, and the specialist will give you results which you will then take to a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner or DAME.  Again, details as to where you can find a DAME will be on the CASA website.
5. With the DAME they will interpret the results and will most likely carry out their own testing such as testing for colour blindness, eyesight, flexibility, reflexes and urine test. They may choose to do more specialist testing, but you would have been informed of these test at the end of the MRS application.
Once you have completed the testing, the DAME will send your results to CASA for one final approval. Once your medical results have been observed you may then receive your Class one or Class two medical depending on the outcome of testing.
What if it has come back and you can’t earn your Class One Medical and have to get a Class Two? No fret, depending on the urgency of the Class One, you may be able to get away with just using the Class Two until you’re up to the CPL component of your flight training and use this time to work on your health if possible to make you eligible for the Class One Medical. Once you are up to this stage and some time has passed, you can have the testing done again.
You will renew your Class One yearly and every second year for Class Two.
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