Every pilot has a few secrets which they don’t disclose to everybody. Those of us in the aviation industry, are lucky enough to get some of the top secrets, pilots rarely dish out to the public.

1. Seats near the wing are often the smoothest place to sit.

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A plane is like a seesaw, which means that if you’re in the middle you won’t move or feel as much. This doesn’t mean it’s the safest place to sit. There is no safest place; however, when it comes to turbulence bumps, the seat near the wing is your best bet!

2. Book a morning flight if you’re a nervous flier.

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As the day progresses, the heating of the ground causes bumpier air. While the mornings are cooler, the flight will be smoother. Mornings tend to be calmer when it comes to things like thunderstorms too so if you get worried before every flight, save yourself some nerves and book a morning flight.

3. There’s no such thing as a water landing.

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This one’s pretty simple. Unless you’re talking about a seaplane or some sort of amphibious floatplane, there’s no such thing as a water landing. If your standard Boeing 747 is landing in water, it’s called “crashing into the ocean”.

4. Pay attention when the seatbelt sign is on.

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More so than paying attention when the seatbelt sign is on, pay attention to the flight attendants. If the pilot tells them to sit down, you better follow suit because that means there’s some serious turbulence coming your way shortly.

5. Flying is way less scary than driving!

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We’ve heard this one from a fair few pilots. In the sky, it’s just you and space, on a road it’s you and thousands of people driving erratically and making you wonder how they even got a licence!

6. How your pilot lands can be a great indicator of their flying skills.

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That’s right! In most cases how a pilot lands is a great indicator of their piloting skills. So, if you see your pilot on the way out, make sure to make their day and thank them for a great landing!

7. Want the truth on a pilot’s life?

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Well, here it is! The whole world seems to think you’re raking in the money, when really to get to that level takes years and years of experience. Your nosy old next door neighbour thinks you get to take as much time off as you want, and your wife thinks you have countless girlfriends across the globe, when you don’t.

While those opinions don’t always ring true, working in a career that is your passion, and not your average desk job, will fulfil you and make all the effort worth it.

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