Many student pilots come across challenges prior to receiving their CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence). In order to solve this issue, we’ve listed the five most common reasons and how to avoid them!

1. Flying takes work

Movies may make it seem like a breeze, but learning to fly takes work! The life of a pilot may seem glamorous or adventurous, and while it is definitely a dream career, there’s no getting around good, old fashioned studying and hard work. While the many hours of studying may seem daunting, they pay off in the end.

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2. Learning to fly isn’t a priority

This one, much like the first reason is pretty simple – learning to fly needs to be a priority! Many student pilots drop out because they don’t prioritise their passion for aviation and make plenty of excuses as to why they can’t make it to the airport. If learning to fly isn’t a priority, it won’t get done. Student pilots need to focus on their passion and goal, and make learning to fly, their prime concern!

3. The fun of flying is disappearing

Remember why you started learning to fly? Most student pilots drop out of training because they’ve lost that loving feeling! Between all the lessons and studying, it can get a bit daunting and the fun that was once felt, can start to wane. Remember the first time you decided you wanted to become a pilot? Student pilots fly because of their love and passion for aviation. Keep the fun in flying by going on a weekend flying trip or going to events like The Australian International AIRSHOW!

4. Fear of “The Solo”

The first few solo flights can be one of the most incredible moments of a student pilot’s course; however, it can also be a huge cause of stress. Many students worry and question whether they are truly ready to go solo and this fear gets the better of them. While it is a big step in learning to fly, flight instructors will only ever sign off their student pilot when they have complete confidence in them.

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5. No clear goals

The first question a student pilot should ask themselves before learning to fly is – “What do I want this for?”
Having clear goals and reasons for learning to fly, helps to stay motivated. There’s nothing harder than trying to stay motivated when you don’t know why you’re doing something. Knowing why you’re learning to fly will help you complete training and get that aviation career.

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Whilst becoming a pilot is not an easy task, the hard work definitely pays off. It’s normal to slip up and struggle whilst learning to fly; however, keeping yourself motivated, prioritising and focusing on your goals, will get you to the finish line and taking to the skies, in no time!